Any time that you drive a long distance it is important to check the weather along your route. Even if the weather will be clear at your starting point and destination, your travel could take you through a storm.

navscout can automatically monitor the weather along your travel route. To get a forecast for your route, follow these instructions.

Sign Up

First go to

Click Register and sign up for an account and purchase a plan that is suitable for your travel needs.

Add Trip

Click Add Travel to add a new trip to your calendar.

Enter the city that you will be leaving from in the Starting Point field

Enter the city that you will be traveling to in the Destination field

Enter the date and time that you will be leaving in the Departure Time field

Click Submit to add the trip to your calendar.

navscout will determine your travel route and check the weather for the route. The forecast will be automatically updated to keep you informed of changin weather conditions.

Forecast Information

The forecast will have the following information:

Arrival Time - The approximate time that you will arrive at your destination.

Risk Level - The risk presented by the weather conditions on your trip.

Risk Levels

Low - A low risk indicates that while there may be some mild conditions such as light rain, they should not significantly affect the safety of the trip.

Medium - A medium risk means that there will be moderate precipitation and possibly reduced visibility. Under these conditions it would be a good idea to reschedule the trip. navscout will provide an alternate travel time if there is a better one.

High - A high risk means that there will be heavy precipitation and severely reduced visibility. These conditions are not safe to drive in.

Detailed Forecast - The forecast will describe the weather conditions that will occur and when they will happen.

Alternate Departure Time - navscout may suggest another departure time there is a safer time to leave.

Weather Charts - Weather charts provide the clearest picture of how the weather will be throughout the trip.

Chart types

Precipitation - This shows how the type of precipitation will change

Chance of Precipitation - This shows the chance of precipitation over the trip.

Visibility - This shows how far you will be able to see throughout the trip.

Wind Speed - The Wind Speed chart shows both the wind speed and the wind gust speed. The National Weather Service issues a Wind Advisory for sustained winds at 30 mph or gusts of 45 mph which make it difficult to drive some vehicles.

Travel Safely

navscout provides detailed weather information for your trip. Always make the appropriate percautions and drive safely in any condition.

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